Included in the package:

  • Your own basic website to build trust with prospects and sell your services

  • Google My Business Setup so clients can find you

  • Your own email address to improve your perception and manage client communication

  • Your own domain

Total Price: $899 $599

Our package only includes the things you actually need.

No pointless filler to boost the price, just pure value.

An example of a basic plumbing website

Your simple website

You are a service professional, you don't need an expensive website designed by an expert team over in New York.

You just need a website that:

  • Helps you get found

  • Builds trust with prospects

  • Explains what you do

and that is exactly what our sites do.

Usual Cost: $1,000 INCLUDED

A screenshot of Google My Business when searching for "Plumbers near me"

Google My Business Setup

This helps local customers find you when they search for home service professionals in their area. Usually someone sees your Google My Business (GMB) profile before your website and then goes to your website to research you further before contacting you.

Usual Cost: $200 INCLUDED

Email Hosting & Web Server Connection Diagram

Email & Domain


We will help you purchase a domain for your business and set up your email hosting so that you can use when corresponding with clients. This can massively boost your prospects' perception of you which can lead to them choosing you.

Usual Cost: $100 INCLUDED


Ready to make yourself the obvious choice when customers are stuck between you and your local competitors? 👇

Our package has helped other service pros stand out and get chosen over their competitors.

"The guys over at ServiceLeadPros worked wonders for our digital presence. They knocked up a website for us in just a couple of days and put me on Google My Business so that people looking for plumbers could find me. They understood that I didn't need the latest and greatest website - I just needed something that did the trick.

Thanks Sam and Edwin at ServiceLeadPros. Looking forward to continue working with y'all on any of our digital needs."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to book a call to continue?

Our mandatory enrolment call ensures that we are a good fit before we continue working together. Ultimately, we want to make sure that your company will benefit from our services and that you have reasonable expectations before we send you an invoice.

How long will it take for my services to be rendered after payment?

The moment you pay your invoice, our team will get to work on building your personalized site and setting up your Google My Businesses. Provided that you are accessible to communicate with and provide necessary information when needed, your services should be rendered within just a few working days!

What's the point in having a website?

Good question. Forget everything you thought you knew! You've probably been told before that you need an amazing website with "enhanced SEO" and "optimized page load times". All that is wrong. Your website needs to show prospects who you are, what you do and how you do it. It doesn't have to cost $10,000 and it doesn't have to be complex. It just needs to build trust with any potential customers and make the decision easier when they are stuck between choosing you, or a close competitor.

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